For The Curious

For The Curious explores simple (and sometimes strange) ideas and concepts we can implement into our daily life to make it better.

It’s a resource for open-minded, experimental and curious (duh) minds. And everyone looking to make their life better.

Every week I give you an idea or concept (and tolls/resources) you can use right away. No idea goes without me personally trying it as we discuss, validate and explore the benefits (or downsides).

What’s Inside?

🧨 The Idea

Take the idea (sometimes it will be more of a concept or a philosophy) and implement it into your life for the full week or month - depending on what is it.

You can do it alongside me or wait for the next week where I’ll be explaining what I’ve done and learned. According to this, I’ll give you actionable steps to do on your own before the next edition.

Everything I learn - you will too.

🛠 Tools

Tools, apps, templates, - here goes all the extremely useful resources we have available (thank you, internet!) mostly for free or very cheap.

We should (and we will) use them to make our life better.

🔉 Book/Podcast/Newsletter of the week

Because there is a ton of amazing content out there that deserves our attention. Each week I will recommend one to throw an eye on it - as we say in Croatian (cro. bacit’ oko).

🖱️ Clickworthy

Little bits of information, news, quotes or articles from around the web that will keep you curious.

Who’s Doin’ It?

Hey. It’s me, Josip 👋

I like to discover new things that can help me to make to make my life better, happier, richer (you get the point), and I like to share them with other and learn from each other.

For The Curious is a place where I share what I’ve learnt (and continue to learn) on that journey.

I started For The Curious to encourage more people to start discovering amazing ways to make their life better and to share with others what helped me along the way.

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