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Any idea what happens to your body after you stop eating sugar?

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🧨 The Idea

// An idea to make your life better, tried and discussed

Stop eating sugar

Do you ever feel super tired without any good reason?

I wanted to start with something simple and actionable. I noticed I’m feeling tired even when getting enough sleep and my energy level to be generally low. Someone suggested it’s because of too much sugar - which causes spikes and energy crashes.

I’ll ditch processed sugars (sucrose) and keep eating only natural sugars found in fruits.


As explained above I’m doing this because I’m tired of being tired and want to have more energy and focus thought the day.

Also because sugar causes many diseases, including diabetes and heart problems.

The problem: Sugar is everywhere!

How to start:

  1. Remove all sweets from the house.

    I’m extremely weak for chocolate and other sweets so I decided to remove all of that from sights - you can’t eat it if you don’t have it.

  1. Make a list of meals/food you regularly use sugar for.

    For me that’s coffee (I drink a lot of it). This way you will know when you need to stay strong or avoid the trigger food. I’ll try to limit coffee to 3 per day.

  2. Find the best alternatives

    Fruits and stevia seem to be the best replacement.

  3. Think of what are you going to do when you start craving for sweets.

    What are you going to do when a crises hit? I decided I’ll always have a small pack of Cashew nuts to eat when I start craving for sweets.

    - - -

I was told I will feel miserable because we get addicted to sugar and when you cut it completely you will have abstinence crises.

Here are some tips to make it less painful:

  • It’s better if you cut it all at once instead of gradually reducing intake.

  • Eat more protein-rich food such as high-protein veggies and nuts.

  • Drink more water and more greens - this research confirmed the benefits.

  • Stay away from artificial sweeteners. It’s a bad idea according to this study.

  • Eating bitter foods shuts down the receptors in the brain that drive us to want and eating sugar, according to research.

    - - -

If you don’t eat sugar or you tried to stop - please, reply to this email and give me some advice 🙏

🛠 Tools

// Tools to try

Eat this much - The Automatic Meal Planner

Since we started with food I have this amazing app that will help me with the sugar experiment. How?

You can literally choose what you don’t want to eat and the app will plan your meals without this ingredient - in our case sugar. How cool is that?

This way I don’t even have to think about what can I cook that doesn’t have sugar - all suggested meals will already be sugar-free!

I’ve been using this app for a while now and it’s a lifesaver - especially if you hate to think about food, meal prep and groceries.

Download the app: (It’s free)

→ for Android

→ for iPhone

They also have a desktop option.

- - -

Quit That! - Habit Tracker

I like to see my progress and benefits. So I also downloaded this habit tracking app.

It will (hopefully) keep me motivated, and it calculates how much money you have saved from quitting a bad habit - pretty neat!

→ Download the app

🔊 TED talk of the week

// Weekly recommendation

Something we can directly apply to our no sugar idea.

I actually tried to not eat sugar for the whole day last week and it is not easy! I can use some tips from this TED talk about skill-power to help me out (because willpower is not enough - otherwise everyone would be healthy AF) 🏃

🖱️ Click-worthy

// Tidbits from around the web

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😂 Fun video of the week

// Because why not

This little boy enjoys helping his grandma make cookies (but not nearly as much as he does eating the ingredients)! 

That’s it for this week… I hope you find some useful stuff here and good luck with the No-Sugar week!

But seriously, do not eat sugar, just for a week… Let’s see what’s happens…

- - -

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